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Best Tips For Everyone


Learn the Best On Page SEO Tips for 2018

The main thing which most link builders and so called SEO experts misses to follow is following the Google updates. Google which is the main search engine that you must be optimising the sites for, releases updates every few months and weeks. Over the last few years, the two major updates which Google had released are the Penguin and Panda updates. Both have their own importance.

Hence the best on page seo tips for 2018 would be to keep an eye on the tow most important Google updates. They get revised often which you must know as the site designer, developer, content developer etc. on page seo

Why read the Penguin update?

The Google Penguin update which was launched in April 2012, and then revised again and again through the years, is a great monitor on sites trying to achieve SERP through spamming. You must read it to strategize your on-page SEO tactics.

The Panda update

This one is to restrict the poor quality sites with nonsense, bad, repeated, poor quality content to get position in the Google SERP by using foul off-page SEO tactics. This also has a big role in designing the on-site contents, so that you take care, use keywords sensitively and wisely, and help boost the on-page SEO.

The Hummingbird update

This update was launched on the September of 2013. The search engine platform was changed by Google. Henceforth the search results were displayed faster and with better algorithm, while focus was increased on word meaning than mere presence.

The Pigeon update

This has a local influence on the USA based websites. So that sites may get a better local search ranking, and better visibility based on good English and proper web content, this update released on July 2014 hold importance.

The last Google update

Do you know what the last Google update was?

Although there was a major update which was not named and it occurred on Nov 10th 2016, yet, the main one that got the press releases was on Oct 6, 2016, which was a revision of Penguin 4.0 update. To catch the latest update news and SEO juice, you must stay updated.

Other important on-page SEO tips

Besides keeping an eye on the Google updates, the other things you may do to improvise your web content with best on-page SEO injections are:

  • Always ensure you have used the best possible meta tags and descriptions, which must contain the primary and main keyword.
  • Gone are the days of simple desktop websites. Whatever you make, make sure its mobile friendly, or in short responsive.
  • Use proper header tags
  • Internal linking between pages is really effective
  • Use a theme or design that loads faster. The millennials hate waiting
  • Always make sure you do not over optimise, this may else penalise the site. Keep a check on keyword density.
  • The shorter the URL is the easier it will be for you to get a better ranking. Keep it in mind while creating domain name and pages.
  • While you optimise images use proper meta tags and descriptions.


If you can follow all of the above, you are close to success. The only boost you would need then is the right off-page SEO strategies and activities to support your on-page SEO planning. If you like to learn more about how to rank your business website higher just visit one of the search engine optimisation company in GC.

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